Welcome to Eat Sleep Live Numbers

Shelley Holmes, Hospitality Accountants, Herefordshire, Eat Sleep Live Numbers

We are ShelleyHolmes Accountancy and we eat, sleep and live all things numbers – we are the true number crunchers.  The perfect credentials and match for the hospitality sector, which caters for eating, sleeping and living!

We are launching this blog to provide a platform to all those who work in, supply and support the hospitality industry, to see what is happening in the industry and how the world of finance impacts your operations. From the urgent to the nice-to-know, and from the serious to the slightly silly, we will blog about it here… and our blogs will be short, but informative (bite size blogs!).

To stay informed, sign up to the email nudges for when new blog posts go live (pop your email in the box on the right).

We hope you enjoy and we encourage interaction and feedback – after all, you are the ones operating in this diverse sector, so your voice counts.

Bon Appétit

Author: Written by ShelleyHolmes Accountancy

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