Quintessentially great and X marks the spot

Two of the most popular accountancy software packages, QuickBooks and Xero, are widely used across the hospitality industry for their effectiveness at delivering the reports and financial info needed with ease, and managing accounts effectively.

But when your not a trained accountant, there are always questions that need answering and guidance on how to get the most out of these platforms to help you operate more effectively. So we at ShelleyHolmes Accountancy have listened and now have the answers:

Quintessentially QuickBooks and XeroX

We have launched two new accountancy packages that will provide you with:

  • the essential tools to manage your business finances
  • one-to-one training sessions with a expert coach from ShelleyHolmes
  • forum membership to exclusive online QuickBooks/Xero groups
  • dedicated newsletters with tips, offers and software updates

All this for a low monthly fee:
Quintessential QuickBooks only £30 a month
XeroX only £49 a month

Find out more:

Quintessentially QuickBooks


Author: Written by ShelleyHolmes Accountancy

Find out more about our dedicated services for the hospitality industry >

Prices are based on a minimum 12-month contract and exclude VAT

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