A Piece of Cake! Client Insight

Send Cake! sends personal messages to your friends and loved ones all over the UK through awesome cake-filled gift boxes in the form of home made, delicious cakes.


The Need: Accountancy software and support to manage new business
The Solution: Quickbooks Online and training

“As a small, new business owner, I came to ShelleyHolmes Accountancy with pretty much zero knowledge. Not only have they helped me immensely with all things accounting, but they have also pointed me towards potential new clients; given
me advice about processes and systems to increase efficiency; and provided me with all manner of business support and development.

Without a doubt, they are helping to grow my business. I would not falter to recommend them.”

Martha Williams, Owner of Send Cake

Check out the delicious Send Cake! website: www.send-cake.com

Find out more about our QuickBooks Package: Quintessentially QuickBooks

Author: Written by ShelleyHolmes Accountancy

Find out more about our dedicated services for the hospitality industry >


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