Tech or not?

So many ways to look at technology within the hospitality sector, from systems to social marketing, rankings to finances, and everything else too! So why is it still not embraced fully to increase efficiency and exposure?

Costs? Technology investments are significant lines on the P&L, but without investment your may be holding back your business. Technology costs ultimately reduce costs, through increased efficiencies and enhancing the customer experience.

Remember, technology is not just there to help you… it helps your customers. Think contactless payment, online bookings, etc. Customers’ time is precious, so helping them save time will ultimately help you.

And don’t forget all that wonderful information about buying and booking habits you can capture through technology, to enhance your marketing strategies.

Hostech 2018 stated that “The hospitality sector remains behind the majority of UK consumer-facing industries when it comes to embracing and harnessing technology. It must catch up quick, especially if it wants to secure a new generation of consumers, take advantage of the huge opportunities to improve efficiency at a time of cost pressures and stay on top of security issues posed by cyber hacking and GDPR.” (source:

Technology for technology sake is not the answer, but technology for the sake of your business development and customer draw is an answer. Innovation, staying ahead of the competition, embracing what your customers’ want… technology has an answer.

Author: Written by ShelleyHolmes Accountancy

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We are ShelleyHolmes Accountancy and we eat, sleep and live all things numbers – we are the true number crunchers.  The perfect credentials and match for the hospitality sector, which caters for eating, sleeping and living!

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Author: Written by ShelleyHolmes Accountancy

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